Start Your Essay Like a Pro and Impress Your Professor - 2021 Guide

Crafting a perfect essay is an art and it may take years to fully develop. It is only because academics have devised so many rules and principles to follow and incorporate into your writing style. You may find hundreds of books in your nearby library just on one topic. Yes! it is true and that would be the ‘art of essay writing.’


Students work very hard and smart to learn this technique as it is the main way to secure good grades and ultimately a scholarship. A good writing style can determine your future that is why professors love to give written assignments instead of annual quizzes. You need to prepare different academic documents and a research proposal is only one from many.


Surprisingly, each document requires us to follow a precise set of rules that cannot be combined together. This is where most students get stuck and lose their grades. Do not worry yet, I am here to help you out. I am writing down some simple techniques advised and approved by the academies. By following these free essay writer can write an essay like a pro and would easily be able to impress your professor.


Tips to start your essay


  • Read a lot


If you are thinking about how to start an essay compelling then you are not alone. You should know that a good essay requires precise and concise knowledge to present. You can only achieve it by reading a lot. After the selection of your topic make sure to read at least five to seven books. In this way, you would be able to think about the topic from multiple perspectives.


  • Learn new words


Every writer has a unique style of writing but to achieve it you need to learn new words. In this way, your essay would look distinctive from your classmates. It would have more potential to catch your professor’s attention. The use of words would vary and largely depend on your topic selection.


  • Relevant research


The relevant research is the key to start an essay like a pro. It may take days or even weeks to find the relevant data. Make sure that you know how to find a gap in existing research. In your essay, you need to cover those gaps. In this way, you would be creating new knowledge via your essay.


  • Write a lot


Your essay should be written eloquently but it comes at a cost and a cost is writing and writing a lot. You need to practice to write about any given topic, it would automatically create vividness in your writing style. For me, at first, it was a little difficult then I took help from an academic writer. I asked him to write my essay on my given topic. The essay was so well written that now I am pretty much capable of writing on any given topic.


  • Up to date knowledge


This principle is very important when you are writing an essay about current affairs. You need to get and add updated knowledge so that essay writer can add a compelling analysis. The unique analysis would help you to impress your professor.


  • Counter arguments


Make sure to add a paragraph of counter-arguments before the conclusion paragraph. It would enhance the credibility and authenticity of your essay. However, its purpose should be to strengthen your arguments. Your professor would also know a different perspective about your topic and area of research.


  • Proofreading


Do not submit your essay without proofreading or reviewing first. Normally, you cannot identify your mistakes. The best is to ask your colleagues and parents to review it for you. I am sure they would find some mistakes. Furthermore, you can always access an academic essay writer and some of them provide this facility free of charge.